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1. Broker for Dry Cargo Ships

DDT Maritime Services include dry cargo chartering to a variety of ports around the world having a reliable and trustworthy relationship with others in the shipping industry. Break Bulk , Bulk , and Hazardous cargoes are our main expertise. We work with reliable companies in the industry that will allow us to fulfill everyone of our client’s demands in a timely manner.

DDT Maritime Services has many years of experience working with companies around the world. This has lead to the formation of a diverse and complete network in the shipping business in the following countries: North Cost South America (Colombia, Panama, Venezuela), the Caribbean (Trinidad & Tobago, Dominican Republic, Haiti and Other Islands), US Golf (Mexico & USA), WCSA (Colombia, Ecuador, Peru & Chile), East Cost South America(Brasil), Asia (China, Korea and Japan), Europe (Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Norway, Denmark, and Finland).

Over the years we have developed strong relationships with companies in each of the countries mentioned above. Through hard work and multiple projects these relationships took us where we are today.

Bulk In shipping, break bulk cargo or general cargo

is a term that can be described as goods that must be loaded individually, and not in intermodal containers nor in bulk as with oil or grain. Ships that carry this sort of cargo are often called general cargo ships. The term break bulk derives from the phrase breaking bulk—the extraction of a portion of the cargo of a ship or the beginning of the unloading process from the ship's holds. These goods may not be in shipping containers. Break bulk cargo is transported in bags, boxes, crates, drums, or barrels. Unit loads of items secured to a pallet or skid are also used.

Bulk cargo

is commodity cargo that is transported unpackaged in large quantities. It refers to material in either liquid or granular, particulate form, as a mass of relatively small solids, such as petroleum, grain, coal, or gravel. This cargo is usually dropped or poured, with a spout or shovel bucket, into a bulk carrier ship's hold, railroad car, or tanker truck/trailer/semi-trailerbody. Smaller quantities (still considered "bulk") can be boxed (or drummed) and palletised. Bulk cargo is classified as liquidor dry.

Hazardous Cargoes

This type of load is any load that has some kind of danger to those who trasnportan as explosives, flammable materials, etc..

Heavy Lift

It involves managing transportation and installation of heavy items. Such a charge usually varies in weight between a tonne and 1,000 tonnes. The width / height of these is usually over 100 meters which is too large to fit in containers or in other conventional forms of transportation.

Oversized Cargo

It is a type of cargo that exceeds the standard or common considered legal according to size or weight limits that are usually given. Examples of load exceeding ranges are common construction machines (cranes, loading equipment, backhoes, etc..), Pre fabricated houses, containers, construction elements (generators, industrial equipment, bridge beams, propeller mills)

2. Commercial Management of cargoes and Ships

Ability to negotiate main kind of contracts as follow:

  1. Time Charter - Voyage Charter - Bare Boat Chartering
  2. Voyage Chartering Operations
  3. Lay time Calculations
  4. Final hire and freight calculations

3. Agency Services

Reliable Agency services in major ports of:

  1. North America
  2. Central America
  3. South America
  4. China

4. Port Captain Services

We work with captains with more than 10 years experience in the Mexico, USA Gulf and China area. Our captains are ready for assisting clients all around the world in the most professional way.

Surveyor and cargo inspection services

Reliable professionals with years of experience in the cargo operation will be ready to assist and care for your good cargoes during the loading and discharging of the vessel, having excellence in service as their main task during the operations.

People are our key strength. We are analytical-minded problem solvers – teams of seasoned, multi-disciplined engineers and designers with a passion for excellence and professional pride in all that we do. We foster a culture of open mindedness and challenge preconceived ideas and existing method.

Your project is our priority.

Diego Cortés. Business Developer
DDT Maritime Services

The Best Price for International Shipping

When you’re ready to ship your products or possessions overseas, you don’t want to go with the first shipper you find. Even if the shipping costs seem reasonable, it’s a good idea to ask some questions before you sign up for their service. DDT Maritime Services can answer all of your concerns, while offering you a competitive price.

Impeccable Track Record

At DDT Maritime Services we focus on every shipment and pledge the highest level of on-time performance, reliability and cost effectiveness to every client.

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DDT Maritime Services is committed to being at the forefront of international cargo shipping techniques and to being diversified in regards to the size and the kind of cargo we ship.

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