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What payment options are available?

Wire Transfers are preferred, but we will also take credit cards

How long does it take for a shipment to get from point A to point B?

It will depend on different factors such as distance, ports of call, adverse weather conditions, strikes, or any unforeseen event that may occur at ports of calls and final destination. If you would like to know the estimated or average length of a specific route please do not hesitate to contact us at:

Do we provide bill of lading?

A BOL will be provided by the shipping line. If required by the receiver we can deliver at the loading or discharging port. Payment of all charges agreed will have to be made previous to the request of it

What is the procedure for damaged goods?

Our goal is to not have damaged cargo or goods, but in the case something happens it is imperative to present a written claim to the ship agent before the cargo is removed from the port. Please copy in the email you send to the ship agent.

What kind of services does DDT offer?

  • Heavy Lift
  • Break Bulk
  • Bulk
  • Oversized Cargo
  • Hazardous cargo
  • Time Charter- Voyage Charter- Bare boats Chartering
  • Laytime calculations
  • Final hire and freight calculations
  • Port captain services
  • Surveyor and cargo inspection services
  • and more

How can I request a Quote?

You can email us at and we will further assist you

What is a dock receipt?

It is a document that specifies the quantity of cargo, observations and the conditions of it when received by the stevedores at the terminal.

When should I have that ready?

By the end of the loading process.

What is a statement of facts?

This document is sort of a logbook in which every event that took place during the loading of the ship is recorded.

When should I have that ready?

It needs to be completed by the end of the operations of loading or unloading.

How Can I obtain Information about my cargo?

You can email us at: and we will further assist you

How can I obtain a copy of a bill of lading?

You can email us at: and/or the agent at the discharging port. If you email the agent please copy

What should I do if I need to correct a bill of lading?

Please clearly request by email the correction to be made

What should I do in the event of the loss of a bill of lading?

Immediately contact us via email or phone.

Where can I get specific information about my cargo?

You can request us that information or the agent at the discharging port. Please copy in the email you send to the agent.

What is a mate receipt?

It is a document that describes the conditions of the cargo at the end of the loading process

When should I have that ready?

After the loading is completed

Common terms (acronyms) used in the shipping industry that will allow you to better understand contracts or other documents:

  • AES- Automated Export System
  • BOL- Bill of Lading
  • CIF- Cost, Insurance, and Freight
  • CIFR- Cost and Freight
  • COO- Certificate of Origin
  • DDP-Delivery Duty Paid
  • DDU-Delivery Duty Unpaid
  • DG-Dangerous Goods
  • ETA- Estimated Time of Arrival
  • ETS/ETD- Estimated Time of Sailing/ Estimated Time of Departure
  • EXW- Ex Works
  • FCL- Full Container Load
  • FOB- Free on Board
  • FTL- Full Truck Load
  • HAWB- House Air Waybill
  • HBL- House Bill of Lading
  • IT- In Transit
  • L/C- Letter of Credit
  • LCL- Less Than Container Load
  • LTL- Less Than Truck Load
  • MAWB- Master Air Waybill
  • MBL- Master Bill of Lading
  • POA- Power of Attorney

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